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Sun, Dec. 5th, 2004, 04:56 pm

Hi. I hate Old Navy commercials. I hate them more than I hate bacon, and I really hate bacon.

Seriously, though, they're really annoying, and the people in them are really bad at lip-syncing. They're about as good at that as Ashlee Simpson.

Okay that's it. Join join join!!!!!

Fri, Sep. 11th, 2009 10:32 pm (UTC)
(Anonymous): Old Navy sucks

We are very active members in our church, which has about 2,000 members
from the local community. My 14 yr old daughter decided instead of
going to summer camp she would rather do a mission trip to help less
fortunate people. This year their trip was scheduled to help with
schools in a poor area of Arizona. Being her first mission trip she
was all excited. We told her she needed to raise the $870 required to
go on the trip. She worked hard babysitting, saving and anything else
she could do to earn the trip. In June she was very close – actually
just $30 short.

We took her to the Old Navy on 15th street in Plano, TX to get some
things for her trip. In the dressing room she found a $20 bill on the
floor that had been lost/dropped by someone. She could have just kept
it but she wanted to report it and we were obviously proud that she
would do the right thing. She told the employee she had found it.
The employee went to the manager. We were then told that Old Navy
policy is to keep anything lost/found for a day then if no one came back
for it or anything she could come back and have it. Obviously, she
thought it was perfect timing and meant to help her on the last bit of
her fund raising.

She anxiously called back the next day to see if anyone claimed it.
She was told that no one had. She was excited but then the person
told her that they had decided that the money would be put in the cash
register and Old Navy would keep it.

Can you believe it? Old Navy would rather keep just $20 that they
admit wasn’t even theirs instead of doing what they said. $20 to a
large corporation instead of $20 to a 14 year old girl trying to finish
out her fund raising to go help those less fortunate than us. Old
Navy (also affiliated with Gap, Banana Republic, etc) tries to claim a
culture and business model catering to this exact age group and
demographic. What does that teach a young person like this – you
shouldn’t do the honest thing??? Unbelievable. Think what that $20
costs Old Navy from everyone that hears or reads this story. If
nothing else, you would think just knowing that possibly 2,000 church
members right down the road from the store hear this story would be
concerning. Needless to say, we haven’t been back.